Wurundjeri Indigenous Education

Wurundjeri Indigenous Education - with Murrindindi (head man of the Wurundjeri Clan of Melbourne)

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Close The Gap Day  - "Our Place"

Close the Gap National Focus: reduce indigenous health inequality

 “Our identify as human beings remains tied to our land, to our cultural practices, our systems of authority and social control, our intellectual traditions, our concepts of spirituality, and to our systems of resource ownership and exchange. Destroy this relationship and you damage – sometimes irrevocably – individual human beings and their health” (Pat Anderson, “Priorities in Aboriginal Health”, 1995)

 The Patch School Focus: to highlight the link between indigenous health and connection to country through a variety of activities that include an historical land rights campaign (song and film clip of the Wave Hill Walk-Off), a story that chronicles the change in country over two hundred years and how this impacts on the First Australians and an opportunity to promote our own connection to land through the naming of school landmarks and producing artworks to represent them.