Qkr (pronounced - Quicker) is a FREE app to enable mobile payment for school-based accounts to save parents time. The app enables parents to use  their smartphone or tablet to make payments for school fees and excursions without having to give their children cash to carry to school. We have been able to expand this system to include The Patch Store and Sushi Express to use Qkr! to place lunch orders.

For those without access to a smart device, a web-based version of Qkr! is available at:


You will need to search The Patch Primary to find our school on the web-based version of Qkr.

Although the app is a MasterCard initiative, it enables payment from most financial institutions and major  credit cards with Safe and Secure MasterCard Technology and has been developed for use in schools in partnership with the Department of Education.

Qkr download instructions 2016

How To Register

After registering your email address, select ‘The Patch Primary School’ and follow the prompts. (For those living outside a 4km radius from The Patch School please go to the search bar and enter THEPATCH)  

Getting Started 'How To' Guide

Should you have any questions regarding the  use of the Qkr app please contact the office and someone will be happy to help. We hope you  enjoy this new flexibility in managing your school payments.

Tip Sheets


Adding or deleting payment cards

Can two parents set up an account for the same student


How are QkR refunds processed

How do I add or update a photo of my child on the QkR app

Making life easier for school staff and volunteers with Qkr