Before & After School Care service at
The Patch Primary School


OSHClub is one of Australia’s leading providers of Before & After School Care services, and has a record for successfully delivering the highest-quality care in Australia (as assessed independently by the Regulatory Authority). OSHClub forms strong, collaborative ties with our partner schools, and we are designing the service to meet the specific needs of your school community.

What happens at OSHClub?

We believe in the power of choice for each child, so each session comprises a range of experiences for children to choose from, …we just want children to have fun!

Our service is designed to develop stronger, healthier and happier children, and to provide an environment that is like a ‘home away from home’. It is developed in consultation with children, parents, the school community and staff, and tailored to cater to the children’s age, skill, interests and abilities, through a variety of challenging and recreational activities.

Activities include:

> Art/craft                                 > Dress-ups           > Science                 > Loads of toys

> Board games                         > Games                > Drama                   > Sports

> Art and craft materials           > Cooking              > Gardening             > Homework time (if required)

We also encourage lots of outside and sporting activities, which make the most of the school’s excellent grounds and facilities.


Service hours

Permanent, casual or last-minute bookings are available, so you can book as much or a little as you need, whenever you need it.

Permanent and casual bookings are both the same cost.



Opening hours

Before School Care

7.00am –8.45am                       

After School Care

3.30pm – 6.00pm



Child Care Subsidy:

Many families are eligible for Child Care Subsidy, which reduces the out of pocket cost of school hours care.


The following three key tests are used to determine the amount of subsidy for each family:


• Combined family annual adjusted taxable income - the percentage of subsidy a family will be entitled to will be based on their combined annual income.


• Activity test - the number of hours of subsidised child care that families will have access to per fortnight will be based on the activity level of both parents in the workforce or other recognised activity.


• Service Type - the type of child care service a family uses for child care. To establish what level of CCS you may be entitled to please contact the Centrelink Family Line on 13 61 50




Child Care Subsidy is available on a sliding scale for families with a combined annual income of less than $351K, subject to Centrelink Assessment.



For details of session fees, please contact our Service Coordinator 0400 708 773 or call our Customer Service & Billing Team on 1300 395 735 or visit our website at



We provide healthy, tasty and nutritious food for breakfast and afternoon tea.

Breakfast includes low-sugar cereals, wholemeal toast, water and fresh milk/soy milk, then a special item that changes daily – like English muffins, fruit smoothies, blueberry pancakes or fruit toast.

Afternoon tea includes lots of fresh fruit and vegetables, fresh milk/soy milk, then a special item that changes daily – like toasted sandwiches, soup, pasta, vegetable wraps, mini pizzas or vegetarian tacos.

Our menus cater for any special dietary requirements, including children with allergies or cultural needs, and they take into consideration each child’s preferences. We ask them what they like! The menu changes each week.


Enrolment and bookings

Enrolments and bookings are made online through our secure system available through our website or by calling our Customer Service & Billing Team. There’s no enrolment fee, so it’s a clever idea to enrol, so we already have your details if you need the service at short notice. 


Like to know more?

Please contact our Customer Service & Billing team or visit our website.

We look forward to meeting you and your family!


The OSHClub Team