Student Health

The health and wellbeing of students at The Patch School is most important. We have many processes in place to ensure your child is as safe as possible whilst at school, without taking away from them the many joys of exploring, investigating and stretching their limits.


Students with particular medical conditions are well cared for and we ask that parents provide current information and instructions to ensure we know, in most cases, what to expect and how best manage our students' health.

It is important to understand that students are not permitted to self-medicate under any circumstances. All medication must be held by the school office and be provided with a note of instruction from the parent/guardian advising of the administration requirements. This rule also applies to all asthma medication. This allows staff to monitor medication usage and symptoms, which may require further attention. If your child suffers from asthma, the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development requires an School Asthma Action Plan and Student Health Support Plan to be provided annually. Asthma medication must also be provided to the school.

If you have any questions about the management of your child's health at school, please contact the Office.


The Patch School believes that the safety and wellbeing of students with anaphylaxis is a whole-of-community responsibility and manages this in accordance with DEECD Ministerial Order 706 .

Ananphylaxis Policy

Anaphylaxis Communication Plan


Parents of students suffering with a medical condition are required to complete a General Medical Advice Form and return it to the school Office. If the condition requires specific treatment outside of the normal school procedures, a doctor may be required to approve the document.


Head lice is a time consuming and frustrating problem. It is good practise for parents to check their children's hair regularly (at least weekly) to find any infestation in its early stages and making the treatment process quicker and easier. Infestations that remain unnoticed can take weeks to clear properly.

There is lots of information available to help manage head lice:

Conditiioner Method of Treatment

Head Lice Hints

Better Health Channel - Head Lice


Information to come...