Music and Performing Arts at The Patch Primary School. Music and Performing arts have traditionally been an important part of school life at The Patch. There is a specialist music teacher three days a week and several visiting instrumental teachers. All grades attend a weekly music lesson in the music room where our instruments are kept. Music also plays a role in learning in many classroom and large numbers of students participate in extension activities or jam with friends at lunchtime.

The Orff Approach 

Creative Music and Movement Education Music at The Patch Primary is based on the Orff Approach, a worldwide movement in music education based on the work of Carl Orff, composer of Carmina Burana. Orff and his colleague Gunild Keetman wrote five volumes entitled “Music for Children” and this approach is designed for ALL children. Orff lessons are designed so each child can contribute according to their ability, catering well for the range of different levels encountered in a typical class.

The approach uses speech, singing, movement and instrumental playing to teach the elements of music. The emphasis is on practical music making activities rather than theory. Children learn to create their own music before learning to read and write music. Improvisation, or spontaneously created music is also a key part of this approach and children are encouraged to play or sing ‘solos’ from an early age. Orff Schulwerk is a general artistic education and lends itself well to integration with other disciplines such as Art or Geography.

Performance Oportunities at Patch

Students at The Patch have many opportunities to share their musical talents with the school and wider community.

  • Weekly assemblies 
  • End of term concerts term 2 and 4 
  • Annual Arts Night term 4 
  • Christmas Concert
  • Showcase
  • Annual Garden Festival

In 2010 students performed as part of Shine On the State School Spectacular and our Marimba Veterans performed at the Metropolitan Showcase concert at Hamer Hall, The Arts Centre.

Instrumental Lessons

Individual instrumental lessons during school hours are available from a number of different private teachers.

Singing and Ukulele lessons: Jess Dunn 0408 102 542 or
Piano, bass guitar and guitar: Chris Walker 0407 049 012 or

Private violin/viola lesson available for all grades from prep.Please contact Hiro (0423 765 312 or