Posted on Friday 13, October 2017


In the interest of the safety of our students, families and staff, The Patch School will:

  • Be closed on days where the Fire Danger Rating is Extreme and will relocate to Knox Central Primary School, Boronia.
  • Be closed on days when the Fire Danger Rating is Code Red, as per DET policy


**As our school is on DET’s Bushfire At-Risk Register, The Patch School WILL BE CLOSED on Code Red days**

Where possible, when a Code Red day is declared, you will be notified between 4-6 days beforehand BUT it may be as little as 3 days. Once confirmed (no later than 1pm the day before the anticipated closure), regardless of any late change in the expected weather, the school will be closed and this will not change.

Due to the elevated bushfire risk, there will be no staff at school on these days. Updates on school closures and information on Code Red days can be found on the DET Emergency Management web page.


**On days of Extreme Fire Danger, The Patch School WILL BE CLOSED and RELOCATE to Knox Central Primary School – NO OSHC PROGRAM WILL BE AVAILABLE AT KNOX CENTRAL PS**

On days of Extreme Fire Danger there will again be no staff at school. If this occurs, families will be notified using SMS and email (no later than 1pm the day before the anticipated closure) so please be aware you may receive the same information more than once. We will also require a ‘read receipt’ from you to be absolutely sure everyone is aware of this situation.

Information about the current and expected Fire Danger Ratings can be found in weather forecasts on daily news programs, published on websites and in newspapers, broadcast on radio and on the CFA website .


Please note that it is the responsibility of every family to:

  1. know where to find and understand Fire Danger Rating information
  2. understand The Patch School’s procedure for days of EXTREME fire danger and CODE RED fire danger
  3. sign the form acknowledging your acceptance of these responsibilities and return it to the school (Form below, which should be completed upon enrolment).


Please note the following procedure for children who are relocating:

  • Your child will be expected to attend Knox Central PS

  • Students are to arrive at Knox Central PS by 9am, no earlier than 8:45am. No staff will be on duty.

  • All Parents are to park and sign their children in at the office/designated area for The Patch PS students. Please do not just drop your child off.

  • All students must be collected at 3:30pm from the designated area and signed out by their parent/guardian/emergency contact. Please note that there is no afterschool care.

Thank you for your support and co-operation with this important safety matter.


Yours sincerely,

Debra Herrmann