School Profile

The Patch Primary School is located in the Dandenong Ranges.  Its large grounds include student designed landscapes that have won many awards for both design and sustainability and which provide real life learning opportunities.

We have 260 students from a wide geographical area were enrolled at the school.  The school had 28 full and part-time staff, including a Principal and Assistant Principal, 19 teachers and 7 Education Support staff in administrative and classroom support roles.  We have developed effective partnerships between teachers, parents and families and data shows high levels of family involvement in school activities.  The school also works actively with the wider community to provide more experiences for our students.  This includes involvement with tertiary institutions, other schools and using the experience of knowledgeable local people in the delivery of our programme.

The Patch Primary school offers a broad diverse education to our students, based on the Victorian Curriculum.  In addition to Literacy, Numeracy, Physical Education, the Humanities, Japanese, Art, Music and Science, our students have the opportunity to take part in STEM, Environmental Studies and Philosophy.  Our vision is to work with our community to provide innovative learning that encourages excellence, strengthens self-belief, supports deep creative thinking, recognises diversity, develops compassion, respects the environment and gives all students the choices to fully participate in a sustainable global future.

The Patch Primary School provides a safe and happy school environment, based on our values of Respect, Responsibility and Integrity.

  • Respect for one another’s achievements, views, dignity, privacy and property, accepting that everyone is different and having their own special and unique qualities

  • Responsibility through creating an awareness of being answerable, or accountable for one’s own actions

  • Integrity of the individual in striving for realistic goals, open and honest communication and trust worthy behaviours


Our whole school commitment to our vision, values and our high expectations supports a learning environment that maximises student wellbeing.